An Agricultural Company Collected UAH 110,000 at a Charity Festival to Support Ukrainian Army

On December 13, 2014 at the territory of VolynZernoProduct LLC, a charity festival was arranged to support the soldiers who are serving in the East of Ukraine in an anti-terroristic operation zone. Partners of the agricultural company, professional soldiers and patriotic citizens of Volyn, including representatives of Charity Organization “Volyn-2014” Volyn Foundation”, came there to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day.




There were lots of agricultural products at a festive fair, as every subsidiary company of VolynZernoProduct LLC presented their own products. There was meat and sausages, flour and sugar, bakery and beverages. There were animators to entertain the youngest guests of the festival. Adults were entertained by “LUBO” musical group, drummers and “The Seven” cover-group. Every guest had a chance to be photographed with charming gypsies, to taste delicious kulish, to try military clothes on and to fire a weapon. All the money, raised from selling products and services, which is UAH 110,000, will be used to satisfy the needs Ukrainian soldiers who are serving in ATO zone. 

Yevhen Dudka, the host of the festive fair and the General Manager of VZP LLC, said that this year St. Andrew’s Day was totally different from previous years. “As a rule, we celebrate this day in the Drama Theatre. But this time we decided to celebrate it in the form of a charity festival and transfer all the raised money to satisfy the needs of Ukrainian soldiers. All our employees, friends and partners sell and buy here at the fair, which means they support our warriors who are currently fighting,” – said he in particular.



Yevhen Dudka is not only an experienced manager of a powerful enterprise but also a famous benevolent as he is a Deputy Head of the Board of “Volyn-2014” Charity Foundation”. That was confirmed by servicemen and representatives of volunteered battalions which repeatedly received financial support from the Foundation. 

Petro Pylypiuk, the Head of the Board of “Volyn-2014” Charity Foundation”, was also present at the fair. Both Perto Pylypiuk and Yevhen Dudka thanked the employees of VZP LLC who helped to repair defense machinery and handed them over corresponding diplomas. Perto Pylypiuk congratulated the team of VZP LLC on having organized the festival and said that their company contributed greatly to the economy of Ukraine, on the whole, and correspondingly to Ukrainian defense, in particular.