International Partners


The "Together with Ukraine" organized a systematic, broad-based cooperation partner and the main activity is to help Ukraine and Ukrainian in the current crisis.

The program primarily designed for individuals affected by armed conflict (directly or indirectly) and the economic crisis in Ukraine. Among the target group of humanitarian aid and support is family, children, refugees and civilians living in territory seized by the war, as well as wounded soldiers. Support and assistance for economic development will also be directed to Ukrainian businessmen.

Zentral-Verband der Ukrainer in Deutschland (ZVUD) fuhrt kulturelle Veranstaltungen durch und versucht eine Begegnungsstatte zu errichten. Weitere Freizeitaktivitaten im Bereich Kunst, Kultur & Reisen sowie auch Sprachunterricht in Deutsch und Ukrainisch sind von uns geplant und werden auch gefordert.

The objective of the Foundation of Spiritual Culture of Borderland - promotion of cultural values ​​frontier, preserve authentic traditions, awakening and deepening interest in socio-historical situation of border areas that are now experiencing nekraschi times. Once outskirts were Poland and are now outskirts European Union. People in the Borderland Foundation Spiritual Culture sure that the correct perception of the phenomenon of border, of its nature, is possible through the activities of local community initiatives that are working to combat the negative effects of the historical division. By its actions the Foundation is trying to show that positive experience of cross-border cooperation - a way to overcome the "iron curtain". And, therefore, prevention of such "curtains" on the outskirts of the EU.